Never Stop Being YOU

Never stop caring about the little things in life
Never stop dreaming or give into strife 

Never stop building bridges that leads to better tomorrow
Never stop trying or give into sorrow 

Never stop feeling amazed at the beauty that surrounds you
Never stop hearing the music or give into the blues 

Never stop smiling and look forward to each new day
Never stop shining in your own special way
From Family Friend Poems
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You DO matter and you DO make a difference

“When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other.”

Margaret Wheatley


As human beings we are hard wired to seek connection with other human beings. Being connected is the only way we can really get to know ourselves.

We all need special people in our lives who see everything we are and won’t let us be anything less. They see our potential and through their eyes, we start seeing ourselves the same way, we start re-discovering ourselves, we start realising that we do matter and can make a difference in this world.


You DO matter and you DO make a difference!


Where is your home?

I had a few very good friends in the place where I was born but often felt like a stranger there. My heart did not seem to belong to that place, which I used to call home.

I wonder sometimes where my true home is. The image below is probably the closest to how it would look and feel: with rugged coastline, rebellious waves, untamed breeze, soft sand, green bush and a silent hug. A place where you could be what you are: with no need to explain anything, no questions to answer, no crowds to hide from…

West Coast New ZealandFrom

I’ve been to that place a few times in my life and it always felt like home.

What about you?
Where is your home?
Is your home in the place where you were born?