Most Influential Blogger Award


A few weeks ago Otrazhenie has been nominated for the Most Influential Blogger Award. Thanks a lot, Ajay, for that award, and sorry that it took me so long to write this award post. Ajay is an amazing member of the blogging community, who is very encouraging and supportive of other bloggers. Check out Ajay’s inspirational blog – his thoughts and images are sure to touch your heart and brighten your day.

This award has no rules. You just choose any amount of blogs to nominate as you wish. Therefore I would like to nominate all bloggers who posted comments to my posts. For me blogging is a conversation and your comments are very important for it – they influence my thoughts and they influence my blog. Thanks a lot for joining into my blogging conversation. Much appreciated. 🙂

I would also like to nominate Ronnie who is running “R” Hub – a recovery support resource centre offering support, information, and involvement for anyone in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Ronnie is doing an amazing job, pulling people away from drugs and alcohol by involving them into an online conversation and giving them some hope, sense of unity and belonging.

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