14 thoughts on “Do you know who and what you really are?

  1. satzie says:

    Lovely flower. Nice picture Otrazhenie πŸ™‚
    Good quote as well.

    I guess I don’t know who I’m or what I’m.

    But I remember reading in spiritual related articles, that we are our consciousness/awareness or some sort of empty space within. And i guess thats what the quote illustrates.

  2. ErikaKind says:

    Ohhh yes…. I love dying and reborn in new awareness!

  3. The day that I stood in my truth…realised that all my fears were keeping me from that truth…I began to shed those fears like the skin of a snake…and one by one I got closer and closer to that beauty inside. It became clearer and clearer after each mountain I climbed till I COULD see forever…and then I knew who and what I really was.
    Connected totally with the most incredible feeling of ‘knowing’ that I am a part of something so vast but encompassing, to know anything but not need to ask, to sense everything but not need to touch.
    I could go on forever, it is indescribable, but amongst it all is the most beautiful, unconditional ‘knowing’ of being totally loved and a part of all else. Words no longer function in this place…everything ‘is’.
    Down here my fears guide me, they have great purpose to find that beauty within. And that beauty is always there, and our journey brings us closer and closer.
    Thanks Otrazhenie, for another lovely post, and a chance to let me express something that if I could show to people…they would change in an instant…but not learn the beauty that we are down here for. To find self, and the love of self, after being challenged from the fears of this world.
    Well… I can smile and BE the change I wish to see πŸ™‚ Mark

  4. verawrites says:

    It takes a lifetime to become who we really are – years to strip away the expectations and definitions placed on us by others (parents, relatives, teachers, friends, employers). It’s like the diamond you know is inside the rock but must be patiently chipped out and then lovingly cut. I believe that’s what God does, if we let him…

  5. I started going to this Sunday series at my local church. In the last session, I remember something that went like this,

    “We are worse than we think…and God is so much more than we could ever imagine…and He loves us.”

    That pretty much cleans out my dark corners and refreshes my internal space.

  6. zeuslyone says:

    That quote is amazing. We build up structures of identity again and again, but they’re torn down by life over and over, showing the open luminosity that we are underneath it all. Beautiful! Great post.

  7. It has taken me many years to discover my essence, which of course is always growing and changing.too. Thanks for the post

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