A home is not where you come back to sleep
A home is where you come back to feel alive
A home is not a place to store your worries
A home is a place to let your happiness thrive

A home is not where you live in darkness
A home is where you say goodbye to gloom
A home is not where you argue and fight
A home is where you let love bloom…

May you always have home
where you feel safe, loved, cared for,
supported and accepted…



Where is your home?

I had a few very good friends in the place where I was born but often felt like a stranger there. My heart did not seem to belong to that place, which I used to call home.

I wonder sometimes where my true home is. The image below is probably the closest to how it would look and feel: with rugged coastline, rebellious waves, untamed breeze, soft sand, green bush and a silent hug. A place where you could be what you are: with no need to explain anything, no questions to answer, no crowds to hide from…

West Coast New ZealandFrom http://www.planitnz.com

I’ve been to that place a few times in my life and it always felt like home.

What about you?
Where is your home?
Is your home in the place where you were born?