Never Stop Being YOU

Never stop caring about the little things in life
Never stop dreaming or give into strife 

Never stop building bridges that leads to better tomorrow
Never stop trying or give into sorrow 

Never stop feeling amazed at the beauty that surrounds you
Never stop hearing the music or give into the blues 

Never stop smiling and look forward to each new day
Never stop shining in your own special way
From Family Friend Poems
Image 1: fromย
Image 2: fromย

11 thoughts on “Never Stop Being YOU

  1. satzie says:

    Lovely expressions. And a sweet poem ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Erika Kind says:

    This is so encouraging and empowering. While reading the flame in my chest is burning higher. What a wonderful poem!

  3. You said it right!

  4. […] say hello to some lovely people who liked my first post! Check out Otrazhenie, especially her post โ€˜Never stop being YOUโ€™ which is lovely; M.FUNK.Photography – for some gorgeous pictures; Rachelle Samantha and her […]

  5. Left a link to this in my latest blog as I wanted to share it!

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