Look for strength in people, not weakness…

“Look for strength in people, not weakness; for good, not evil. Most of us find what we search for.”

Wilbur J. Chapman

From http://uncoverawareness.wordpress.com

When you choose to see the good in others,
you end up seeing the good in yourself…

Enjoy the rest of the week and have a wonderful weekend 




22 thoughts on “Look for strength in people, not weakness…

  1. How lovely, thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. kcg1974 says:

    Always better in the end. Rising above is the best. 🙂

  3. pndrgn99 says:

    Always a good reminder, thanks.


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  4. Strengths are obvious, especially to the self-aware. Those who possess strengths know how to leverage and use them to contribute. Where, I believe, opportunity lies is acknowledging a weakness, and then working with that knowledge to grow and further develop it into another strength. Nurturing often yields strength. 🙂

  5. malootka says:

    Reblogged this on truthionary.

  6. Beautiful. Thank you.

  7. karatas123 says:

    Saying and practising are totally two different thing. Aren’t they?

  8. Now that may just be a practice.
    One of those ones you try and never really succeed at.
    Is it setting one’s self up for failure to go for the virtual imposible?
    Is the miniscule possible bits of interpreted success worth it?
    Good luck with that!

  9. […] wrote, “Look for strength in people, not weakness…” This is a good quick little reminder I think that nicely adds to a discussion about neighbor […]

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