How old do you choose to be today?

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Age is a fascinating concept. When I was 17, I felt more like a 100 year old. However closer I get to a 100, more I feel like a 17 year old.

As psychologists note, chronologically, you may be 30, 40, 50,  60 or 70 years of age, based on when you were born. There is no arguing that unless you’ve embraced some new alternative way of doing math. The real question is how old do you feel – what is your psychological age?

Your psychological age is determined by you, not anyone or anything else, so you can actually feel as young as you want. You may think you should act a certain age, but that is more than likely your desire to fit into some conventional notion of how a person of your age should act. Regardless of how you feel right now, recognize that you have within you the ability to change how old you feel today.

So how old do you choose to be today?

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Blessed are the weird people, poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours for they teach us to see the world through different eyes

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I would also add philosophers, dreamers, dancers, singers, bloggers, and photographers to this list 🙂

Talking about photographers, last week I came across an amazing 14-year-old photographer. Enjoyed a lot looking at the world through his eyes and creative imagination. Check out his incredible self-portraits.

photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-2From Incredible Self Portraits by 14-Year-Old Photographer