Men are as you wish to see them…

Spotted the following quote on Facebook today:

IgnoringIt made me think… Would I ignore the red flags? I think I would. Why? Because….

“Men are as you wish to see them, look at them in kindness and you will do good both to them and to yourself. They will become better, and you too. It is simple, isn’t it?”

( from ‘The Fisherman’s Behest‘ by Maxim Gorky, 1913 )


What about you?


Credits: Photo by autos


4 thoughts on “Men are as you wish to see them…

  1. I haven’t ignored the red flags in my romantic relationships, but I have in my friendships. How weird is that?lol

  2. Red Flags may be paranoia, not to be ignored yet also seen in the clear light of love. Healing is sometimes a need there. Good piece. The eyes of love see clearly, withought prejudice.

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