In memory of Ajay Tao


Have you ever met Ajay Tao in the blogosphere?

I’ve met Ajay at the beginning of my blogo-journey and enjoyed his comments on my blog: always kind, encouraging and very thoughtful.

I used to follow Ajay’s blogs, including his last one – AjayTao Botanical Photography. However a year ago Ajay’s beautiful posts stopped appearing in my ‘feed’ as he passed away in August last year after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Dear Ajay. Even though you are no longer with us, your kind words are still warming my heart and your beautiful images bring joy to my eyes. Rest in peace…



They have no mouth, but seem to speak
A thousand words so mild and meek.

They have no eyes , but seem to see
And bury thoughts into me…

Flowers 2


Poem from
Images from AjayTao Botanical Photography

30 thoughts on “In memory of Ajay Tao

  1. satzie says:

    I knew him and i have noticed his comments in your blog. Never knew he passed away.

  2. Kreng Jai says:

    Touching tribute.

  3. A most wonderful and deserving tribute to a very dear colleague

  4. It leaves a sad silence…but he always gave a beautiful music in his words…something to hold and remember the love that he shared by just being himself.
    I only knew him for a very short time, but his energy was always very clear and made it a pleasure to read the energy that his words came from.
    Thanks Otrazhenie, remembrance has a special place in the heart of those that are touched, and Ajay touched many.

  5. Val Boyko says:

    He was such a gentle and giving man. Thank you for this lovely tribute 💛

  6. A lovely homage to a blogger friend. Sad that he’s gone.

  7. sagarika says:

    Let his rest place be filled with flowers of variety we have never seen yet in the Heaven’s home. He was a nice person. He had a library to share through his Blog.
    A Respectful Tribute on your part. -Sagarika

  8. sagarika says:

    Reblogged this on In Depth and commented:
    R.I.P Ajay Tao will always remember You

  9. sagarika says:

    I have reblogged your post, hope it is fine with You.

  10. Sue Vincent says:

    A beautiful soul… and a lovely tribute to a man many of us knew well. Thank you.

  11. bkpyett says:

    What a touching tribute.

  12. Selah Vita says:

    so sad…someone with great talent and a beautiful heart is gone…breaks our hearts when someone so sweet passes…
    you gave a beautiful tribute, you’re very kind ..GBY

  13. johncoyote says:

    Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    A amazing man missed. A gentle soul who served kind words and positive motivation.

  14. johncoyote says:

    Thank you for remembering a kind spirit. Who is missed.

  15. mihrank says:

    touching – thank you for remembering.

  16. willowdot21 says:

    Yes i remember this great man.

  17. Lekhamisra says:

    It is so touching and a wonderful tribute!

  18. Mél@nie says:

    RIP… he used to visit lots of blogs, mine, too!

  19. Very, very nice post! Rest in peace Ajay!

  20. An wonderful man! O great loss to the international art.

  21. So sad to hear this. I didn’t know he had passed away. He encouraged many of us and spread his warmth and caring. RIP Ajay.

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