Hold me…

When I’m hurting,
Hold me,
And never let me go.
The longer that you hold me,
The more I come to know
That it’s true,
You really love me,
And you care if I’m okay,
There’s just one way
To teach me that
And holding me’s the way.

Your words mean far less to me,
Because anyone can say
‘I love you’
But to show it
Is a harder game to play.
So when I hurt, please hold me
Nice and tightly to your chest.
When I hurt, your cuddles
Are the balm that works the best.

Zutara- Hold me tight. by EmoCutie1997

Poem by PookyH.
Image 1 from Psychology Today
Image 2 from Deviant Art


21 thoughts on “Hold me…

  1. The power of a hug 🙂

  2. Beautiful poem. We learn great things about ourselves and fellow human beings through great suffering.

  3. literally says:

    Reblogged this on smilingtomyself and commented:
    very very sweet

  4. eywinn says:

    Absolutely beautiful, I love it! It says so eloquently what most of us hold deep within our hearts.

  5. Erika Kind says:

    Oh yes, so very true and so lovely. Sometimes words are not what we need but a hug.

  6. Human touch heals our wounded souls.

  7. Oh, this is so beautiful!!!

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