Who wants war?


It worked and still works the same…


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9 thoughts on “Who wants war?

  1. Otra War makes $, who cares if you die ? less than 10 out of millions
    well I have a new inventio cheap and no one dies. I think we should get together and let the cat out of the bag.http://wp.me/p5RhEd-1z I find

  2. Randstein says:

    Ms. Simonova’s story, told in exquisite pictures of shifting sand, reminds us of what war truly achieves. Ideologies, objectives, and the vanquish of a foe is heaped on the backs of the people like pack animals until they collapse only to be told the conflict is in their honor to preserve their way of life, now lost. We can only look back to the past and ask if their sacrifice made our lives better and will our sacrifice achieve the same. I fear the end of war will come with the reluctant end of mankind. A very moving post, O.

  3. katelon says:

    Sadly true. It’s all in the marketing. The media has played this role for hundreds of years.

  4. satzie says:

    Nice video 🙂

  5. Hi, thank you for responding to my blog a few minutes ago. Congratulations on all your awards. We’ll done.

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