If nothing bad is ever said, nothing good will ever get done…

“Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing”

Aristotle (384 BCE-322 BCE)

From http://www.hongkiat.com

“Let’s face it: we all have to deal with criticism from time to time. And no matter how thick-skinned we are, critical words usually sting…

While sometimes it feels as if it would be great to avoid criticism all together, it’s a part of life, and it’s a part that can make us stronger and better…

How to handle criticism positively?

1. Don’t take it personally: try to take a step back from the words and process them from an objective place.

2. Believe in yourself: When you know (and stay true to) who you are, you can be more open to others words because you know they will either ring true to you or they will be so inaccurate that you won’t even need to think twice about them.

3. Realize you can’t please everyone: Every single one of us has a unique perspective of reality influenced by our thoughts and experiences and sometimes our perspective creates different ideas of how things should be.

4. Use negative feedback to inspire you: Listen to the criticism someone is offering you and ask yourself if it might possibly be a good advice. If you decide it is, act on it. Make changes for the better.

5. Learn from the critique. There are two ways you can learn from criticism: (1) you can see the truth it in (if there is any) and strive to make some edits to your behavior, or (2) you can realize that it’s not valid and you can strengthen your own beliefs by sticking to what feels true to you.”

(From http://www.positivelypresent.com )


Don’t be too quick to criticise yourself…

From http://animacenter.org

If nothing bad is ever said, nothing good will ever get done.



29 thoughts on “If nothing bad is ever said, nothing good will ever get done…

  1. Rekha says:

    Moral of the story face criticism boldly!

  2. Absolutely! Also, if I may add add one more thought?
    Whether it’s a positive critique, negative or neutral, criticism is a reaction. So you must have moved something in that person to receive a reaction, be it to your taste or not.

    Otrazhenie, thanks for bringing good advice to accept and digest a critique or just let it drop. I enjoyed the short read & happy Thursday 🙂 !

  3. Marie Abanga says:

    A great post. My momma always says criticism helps you get that tough skin u need to wade through this tough life. For me, my goal is to stay tougher than the tough times and if l can’t deal with criticism and l stretch-draw backs, then what will l be good at?

  4. Uncle Spike says:

    Good post. It is not natural to ‘accept’ criticism lying down, but it is undoubtedly the best performance enhancer there is… Not wanting to plug a post, but here is my experience and how it helped me.


  5. dojindochi says:

    I definitely needed this one today. It’s as if you’re speaking precisely to my situation. Thank you

  6. Really nice article. Enjoyed reading it =)

  7. Jahilliya says:

    Reblogged this on Jahilliya.

  8. gsjonuk says:

    Great post! Giving and receiving feedback is one of the hardest things for a human to do. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Mélanie says:

    hi Miss O! wish you an exceptional 2015! health, joy, love and hope… have a positive and an optimistic week! cheers and friendly hugs, Mélanie
    * * *
    freedom, democracy & peace!!!

  10. […] If nothing bad is ever said, nothing good will ever get done…. […]

  11. inkafro says:

    Hey! I loved your post so I reblogged it over on my site. You have a way with words and this definitely shows that. Criticism isn’t always easy to take, but it’s necessary sometimes!

  12. Great post, thank you

  13. SweetBliss33 says:

    I love this. Everything you said, was spot on. There’s a nice way to give criticism and a horrible way. A lot of people think they need to be jerks to get their point across. I’m reblogging and following you 🙂

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