Cracking the Communication Code Between Men And Women

never-listen-to-meFrom The Truth About Communication Between Men And Women

While much has been said about women being from Venus and men being from Mars, the reality is that we all live on the same planet Earth and need to interact with each other in different ways on a daily basis.

How can we crack the communication code between men and women? Luckily technology can help us even with that difficult task. Check out the Manslator: the Official Woman Language Translator:

Or you can use a professional Human Gender Translator:

Off-the-mark-on-men-vs_-womenFrom Gender Translator

Its fun to look at communication differences between men and women but we also have to be careful in avoiding stereotypes. As Simma Lieberman points out, “we are all on a continuum and there are women that have some traits that might be attributed to the male style or there are times when it is necessary to use the male style and the same for men. … Whether its nature or nurture, there may be individuals who possess almost none of the traits attributed to their gender. They may have been teased, harassed or excluded from things because of this, which is why its important to know and understand male and female cultural norms but also recognize that many people don’t fit the mold.

So while we call certain styles male and certain styles female because research has shown that different ways of thinking, processing, perceiving and behaving is present in at least 55% of the male and female population, that leaves up to 45% that may not fit the description.”

article-2273972-175F104B000005DC-767_306x425From Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus? Actually we’re on the same planet!



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25 thoughts on “Cracking the Communication Code Between Men And Women

  1. bkpyett says:

    Good luck with this one!! 🙂

  2. evanb54 says:

    Is there REALLY a difference? A matter of perception? Consciousness filters? Of context? I know I shift syles dramatically from one context to another. I’m glad the stereotypes are finally (seeminly) breaking down, but I’m still asking myself seriously (non-rhetorically), if there ever REALLY was a difference??? Curious what you all think!

  3. jessmbaum says:

    I feel bad for men nowadays because a lot of my girlfriends are just unbelievable. It’s like they expect men to worship them and having had a boyfriend who basically worshiped me that is a no go. Most women don’t know what they want until they see it, the only truth I have seen again and again is that persistence is key (polite persistence men no creeping) haha

  4. Fernando Karl 遠山フェルナンド says:

    Wow you write quite amazing things.
    I like your writing style

  5. agilly11 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video embedded in this post–gave for a good chuckle and I am a woman. The thing that is funny about this, is that I know a lot of times when a woman says, “I am fine,” or “It’s okay go ahead with the guys” we really want our husband/boyfriend to stay home with us, or know that we really aren’t okay. As for males, I know I overanalyze everything my boyfriend says, and often enough wish he would elaborate more so the point would come across better. Why is it that men and women communicate so much more differently?

  6. clara54 says:

    Steve Harvey says men are just wired differently than women, but at the end of the day, we’re humans first! So we should just learn to communicate more. Enjoyed the post and will check out more.Thanks for liking my site.

  7. Reblogged this on PR for the Non-Communicators and commented:
    Do we need human gender translators?

  8. shujibhuji says:

    hahahaha. A funny yet commendable article. Are u married btw? Be safe. LOL

  9. satzie says:

    Good one, Otrazhenie 🙂
    I like the video. Good thinking. Had good laughs over it. Particularly when they mentioned the specialized chip.
    There are few points i have which i think might improve the communication process in general.
    I will write a post on the topic and will share you link once done.

  10. Lorem Ipsum says:

    Someone mentioned the word beer?

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