Greatness is not measured by Money or Stature. It is measured by Courage and Heart.

Leo The Lion, "...measured not by money and stature, but courage and heart."


“You remember the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz don’t you?  He was supposed to be the king of the jungle but he had no courage.

Sadly, I see this missing in much leadership today. Let’s face it.  Leading others is hard. There is often loneliness to leadership.  Leadership takes great courage.

Here are some characteristics of cowardly leadership:

1. Says “I’ll think about it” rather than “No”…even when no is already the decided answer…

2. Avoids conflict…even when it is necessary for the good of relationships and the organization…

3. Never willing to make the hard decisions…

4. Pretends everything is okay…even when it’s not…

5. Bails on the team when things become difficult…”

By Ron Edmondson


From Unconventional Leadership

What would you add to this list?


13 thoughts on “Greatness is not measured by Money or Stature. It is measured by Courage and Heart.

  1. lolsy254 says:

    I was very glad to read this =) I feel like a lot of problems these days are being caused by people avoiding anything actually “real”. My ex use to say things that’d be upsetting and then run away for days when I’d asked why he was doing it =S If he would have just talked to me, none of the nastiness needed to happen.

  2. Never speaking the truth. Or a twisted version of it. Or speaking it and then going back on what was said, until finally nothing is believed when they speak. Just as we have our leaders of today!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. You nailed it on the head!

  4. Denies accountability 😉

  5. Randstein says:

    One I saw often was leaders gleefully putting themselves in for high awards for the accomplishments of subordinates that did their duty in spite of the negative enfluence of the toxic self awarding leader. Shifting blame is another and often practiced to an artform.

  6. satzie says:

    Good quote.

    A good topic to be discussed.

    The ending picture is quite humorous. Had good laughs with it. Good one Otrazhenie 🙂

  7. SARA says:

    The quote is wonderful.

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