6 thoughts on “The best way to predict the future is to create it

  1. There is nothing more true than this. excellent

  2. Yes!! Brilliant yet simple. The future is in our hands 🙂

  3. trellabrazil says:

    Exactly. I get mad when media folks are so often predicting this or that will happen — sometimes it would seem their dire predictions make the dire thing come true…what are they thinking? They seem to be part of the problem-i.e the mass media–to the extent that masses of people follow and adjust what they do and think and say and plan based on what some giant media outlet says…and, as Louise Hay noted, it is better not to follow media–if there is an earthquake or something, your neighbors will come over to the house and tell you…otherwise…for me anyway–i don’t need any input from media giants on how to run my life/business/entrepreneurism. etc.

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