Blogging for authenticity in the world of fake smiles


We long for acceptance, love, and connection. But often we don’t know how to create it in the world full of fake smiles and empty greetings. In the world of sweet dreams where everybody’s looking for something…

I think this longing for authentic communication is what drives people to blogging, both as bloggers and as readers.

In the blogosphere, we do not know each other personally, so we don’t get distracted with the usual ‘surface’ features like age, gender, social-economic status, ethnicity and therefore don’t get blinded by the usual stereotypes and prejudices. We can take off the mask and be more real and genuine without fear of repercussions.


 The creative side of blogging also gives us plenty of room for exploration. Like writers, getting in the ‘skin’ of different characters in their books, we can explore how we might have felt if…, or what we might have done if… We can move away from the logic of the everyday routine life and let our imagination roam free.


 What is so special for you in writing blogs?

Or why do you keep reading?



21 thoughts on “Blogging for authenticity in the world of fake smiles

  1. Communion. This need and it met. Times change the need stays. This place is sanctuary maskless sacred. A city of light. Not on a hill though I figure. Thank…who do I thank?
    I guess not so much who as that gratitude feels awsome intensifes the quality and intensity of feeling state of communion. Thank Life. Eveything all of us and the mystery in around and behind this and us. Maybe God would be shorter. Just how do I express such without the beard and the scowel?

  2. Lux says:

    Imagination and creativity contribute to happiness!

  3. B Harmony says:

    I just wrote on facebook that I was grateful for the smiling selfies that fill my feed, the smiles prove that despite the really hard times some people are going through, they can still find the smile. I often smile even though I have pain, and with each one I receive back, I feel a gentle warmth inside. It’s worth a ponder.

  4. Willy Nilly says:

    Thank you for such a reflective and thought provoking post. In my personal view, the perception of anonymity and safety from the detritus of our daily lives allows us to connect to one another in the Web, the All Thing. We form friendships of a sort, based on the openness that presents itself. The coldness of commercial friendliness for a price is largely absent and the person(s) on the other side could be of any imaginable origin, live in any country, thrive or strive in any culture or society. Yet, we connect on common beliefs and human need to belong. Here, we can belong without much fear. We can choose, join, leave, connect, disconnect or throw ourselves headlong into a subject of our choosing. It feels like freedom should feel in our physical world. Some connections become quite deep and loneliness is abated by a new form of relationship. Still, the dark side of our human DNA lurks here as well and though we must be cautious in that regard, it makes it all too natural and real. The blogosphere, the All Thing, is a new society that translates our differences into likenesses and draws us to it. The simple human desire to be a part of something and someone, to feel acceptance, is powerful, consuming, and growing. Just my over caffeinated opinion. Other’s mileage may vary. 🙂

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Love your insightful comment, Willy Nilly. Blogospere is like a virtual society that we are creating ourselves. While the dark side of our human DNA might be lurking here as well, I am surprisingly pleased that I’ve never encountered it during my blogo-journey. With over 10,000 comments on my blog received over the last 2 years, I’ve never had an insulting or offensive one.

      As Douglas H. Everett once said, “There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” 🙂

  5. katelon says:

    I spent so much of my growing up time in a small town and family where I had to hide my true nature. So for me, blogging is about writing, which I love, but writing as my authentic self, not caring what others think, just putting my truth out there. It is very freeing. I figure that my experiences and being authentic might help someone else do the same.

    I only subscribe to blogs I’m really going to read and engage with so I choose ones where the writer is revealing and sharing deeper view points. I do subscribe to a few photo blogs and recipe blogs, but mostly I enjoy ones of a deeper nature.

  6. I A very thoughtful post. I blog to crystallise my experiences in the hope they will be read, and in turn love to read others stories-particularly those that are different to mine. You touched on a very important aspect of blogging, the freedom to be judged only by your thoughtsand expression, not your demographics

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Thanks for your insightful comment, lightravellerkate. I also particularly enjoy reading stories that are different to mine so such stories allow me to have a look at things from a different perspective as well as identify my own ‘blind’ spots.

  7. satzie says:

    The presence of audience is the ‘special’ that i think blogging has for me.

    I read blogs because it gets me straight into people’s heart and thoughts.

    Apart from the above two, i also learned plenty of benefits that blogging can bring.

    Good post Otrazhenie 🙂

  8. […] wrote, “Blogging for authenticity in the world of fake smiles.” As they asked, allow me to repeat: “What is so special for you in writing blogs? Or […]

  9. erinszoo says:

    You know, most relationships in the past were carried out by letters and writings. People “knew” each other by what they said in a letter or a poem they wrote. My grandparents entire courtship was through a four year letter writing period when my grandfather was in the Navy in the south Pacific and my grandmother was at home in Oklahoma. I have those letters. They were married for over 65 years. It just makes me wonder in this day and age of people racing to become intimate with each other and eschewing the written word, if we don’t have it backwards. Writing allows us to voice our inner thoughts, those that truly drive us onward, the ones we want everyone to understand … but would never voice out loud.

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Love your comment. Very good point. I met my partner via letter writing. We met as penpals when living in different parts of the world and letters/emails were our only form of communication for over 4 years until we got married and started living together. While we did have lots of ‘gaps’ as we never lived together until we got married, our core values and views that we shared during our 4 years of ‘penpalship’ held us together through lots of stumbling blocks of married life 🙂

  10. Love your blog. Thought -provoking and entertaining is a tough duo to achieve. I write because the words have to come out. Wish I had time to read more of other’s sites…yours caught my eye. Nice work. ☺

  11. wbdeejay says:

    I completely agree about the accepting community here that is without the distracting facades that most people have in the real world.
    I write because it gets me through my pain. I also write for the joy of creativity – the times when the most amazing and unexpected words just flow out – showing who I really am and what creativity I am capable of.

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