War is Evil, War is the Devil…

WarFrom http://komitet.net.ua

War is evil
War is the devil
War is between politicians
War is about religions
War is destruction
War is not construction
War is depression
War is an obsession
War is fighting
War is killing
War is sorrow
War is no tomorrow
War is explosions
War is confusions
War is blood
War brings tears like a flood
War makes you cry
War makes you die
War is death all around
War makes you die on your own ground
War is fire
War is not to admire!
War is creed
War is between your own breed
War is cruel
War cost a lot of fuel
War is amputations
War is mutilations
War last forever
I wonder if it ends in Heaven
War is only release
For those who are killed
It means ‘PEACE’

Славянск, разрушенияFrom http://glavred.info/

Thinking of my dear relatives who got caught in the current civil war in Ukraine: some of them forced to leave their houses and all their belongings to move to a safer part of the country, others – stuck in the war zone, hiding in rural areas as all towns and cities are being shelled and bombed with lots of peaceful civilians (including women and children) killed or mutilated. A beautiful peaceful coal-mining town that was full of smiles and laughter when I was spending my summer holidays there as a child is now in the middle of the war zone full of grief, pain and tears. Still struggling to believe that… 😦

When will those who are still living get some peace? 😦

From http://ria.ru


18 thoughts on “War is Evil, War is the Devil…

  1. I agree and my heart goes out to those who are caught up in war zones, a usual the innocent suffer at the hands of those who care little for their welfare. Excellent post O.

  2. To your closing question: only when we dramatically change the makeup of elected and appointed lawmakers worldwide, especially in the U.S. until then, we much continue to be, promote and inspire peace. A thoughtful post.

    • Otrazhenie says:

      There is not much trust in politicians and ‘lawmakers’ in the Ukraine or Russia either 😦 So horrible when innocent peaceful people are made to suffer like that.

  3. bkpyett says:

    Moving poem, my heart goes out to those in such frightful circumstances! Peace and love to you. 🙂

  4. mytiturk says:

    Otrazhenie, this moved me greatly this morning. I have written about you on my latest post and hope you don’t mind. I would be happy to make any corrections you see fit to what I’ve written about you. Thank you for being out there.

  5. joatmon14 says:

    Very moving poem. As was said earlier, it is the civilians that always suffer from war.

  6. dsue says:

    It is a wonder how politicians can become so caught up in…what? principle? creed? what?…that they lose sight of the one and only true principle, living and loving one’s neighbor in peace.

  7. Mélanie says:

    sorry, Mrs O… just can’t click on ‘like’… 😦

  8. jeanw5 says:

    As all earlier replies have shared your sorrow; actually, it’s all our sorrow, and it wasn’t planned to be that way. Perhaps, when it’s over there will be constitutional reform. Central control belongs to the world of tyrants and dictators. But, surely there could have been a more peaceful way to resolve the differences between Eastern and Western Ukraine. War is so cruel, and most cruel to innocent children and families that only want to live and be happy. And, perhaps it is all a power struggle so much more than it appears to be. We never hear the truth in most news stories. I hesitate to even read about the horrors that are happening around the world. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s all about power; getting it and holding it, and using it over everyone else.
    May you see the day when peace returns to your native land.

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