With each day
Comes fresh parting
A brand new goodbye.
Each one
Leaves its mark,
Makes me whither
And sigh.
Goodbyes can be long
Or goodbyes
Can be short,
They can be said to people
You’ve loved, and who’ve taught
You to be who you are now,
But once their work’s done,
It’s goodbye from them,
And so on, you must run,
To a brand new beginning,
Which will end in goodbyes.
Yet further partings
To try on for size.
For people like me,
Who find farewells so tough,
A stream of hellos
Cannot feel like enough
To fill in the dark hole
And to quench the deep need,
To grip on to the ankles,
Of those parting at speed.
Each new hello,
Is a goodbye to come.
That’s why meeting new friends,
Sometimes makes me feel glum.

By Pooky H



19 thoughts on “Goodbye…

  1. yogaseema says:

    I liked this, thank you for sharing.

  2. bkpyett says:

    Sad and beautiful!

  3. Mélanie says:

    our life is based upon and made of separations/farewells/good-byes… some of them are quick and easy to forget, whilst others are sad, heart-breaking, and “mourning” may be longer… we’ll have to cope with to be able to move on, to let go and to “survive”…

  4. lolsy254 says:

    Why must you make feel? =D Absolutely gorgeous. I can get so frustrated and upset at having to say goodbye to someone I didn’t want too because it’s the only way really. I wish so much that they hadn’t done what they’ve done.

  5. Wow! Very true and beautifully said!

  6. jeanw5 says:

    The ending was the punch line; letting go is not goodbye. Goodbye seems to hope for a deeper relationship, somewhere down the line. It hurts but not near as much as does letting go, which painfully accepts that we will never be to each other as we once never were but in my own illusion. Thanks for the beautiful way you expressed these lived experiences.

  7. Thelumusa says:

    Niceh messages

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