In Human Closeness…

( Photo by Dmitry_L )

In human closeness there is a secret edge,
Nor love nor passion can pass it above,
Let lips with lips be joined in silent rage,
And hearts be burst asunder with the love.

And friendship, too, is powerless plot,
And so years of bliss with noble tends,
When your heart is free and known not,
The slow languor of the earthy sense.

And they who strive to reach this edge are mad,
But they who reached are shocked with anguish hard –
Now you know why beneath your hand
You do not feel the beating of my heart.



8 thoughts on “In Human Closeness…

  1. Reblogged this on aksharaalu – Best Collections and commented:
    beautiful psychological philosophy

  2. beautiful psychological philosophy
    with regards

  3. satzie says:

    Quite a different one.

    I couldn’t understand it completely.
    Why does the heart burst asunder ?

    Why is one shocked with anguish hard in touching a closeness ?
    I don’t get why the poet feels like that.

    • Otrazhenie says:

      May be, because poetry comes from the heart, rather than the mind. Poets might be expressing feelings which can’t be easily understood by logic. 😉

      This is one of the poems, which probably is understood very differently by different readers, as it might invoke different feelings in them, different life experiences.

  4. satzie says:

    Very good point Otrazhenie. Rightly pointed out that.

    My question appears to be examining the actual reason behind. But it was meant to understand how the poet feels as I got two different feels associated with the poet through the poem.
    Like you said earlier, its also hard to put our emotions well in words, the feel is hard to be communicated through words.

    The first meaning that striked me when i read the poem was, that the poet could have been astonished with reaching a level of closeness which resulted in disharmony. Love & Friendship as it got matured, it brought people to a new level, where there was more vulnerability, which appears to break the hearts of people involved. And the poet ends in saying “ now do you understand why my heart isn’t beating, because the love is gone “. That’s one form of feel I thought the poet might have been in. I also felt a beauty, not with the poem, but with the poet. The poet was appearing to me like a music which acquired a human form, so melodious like a violin playing.

    On my second glance of the poem, I saw another view, something rejoicing, victorious, a feel like in the good old rocky movies. Breaking the barriers and evolving. The poet appeared like a germinated seed, who’s potential started to open. A glorious poet, a rejoicing music.

    Also well said with the later points that some poems could be understood differently by different readers. And i like the wink too 😉

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Loved the different ways you looked at this poem. At different stages of my life I was finding new meanings and new feelings in this poem depending on what I was going through. That what makes it so interesting for me.

      • satzie says:

        Gee. Thanks 🙂

        Thats one of the most interesting things i have felt too. Same words gives different meaning and feels at different stages of life. I have felt that often and have heard from my friends too.

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