Are you a REAL MAN?


“Be a man” is something we’ve all heard at one time or another. What however does that mean to be a Man?

As the Single Pastor points out, the concept of a man is very interesting in today’s culture. There is the “machismo” version. You know this guy. He lets everyone know he benched 250 while listening to Pantera before eating half a cow in one sitting.


There is the player concept. The concept that sadly, by sleeping with many women, Mr. Joe Smooth thinks he is more of a man because he has been able to do the same act that every other mammal can do.


Then there is the ashamed to be a man as men are being blamed for all sorts of things.


Despite all of this, there is a type of man to strive to be, the REAL responsible MAN

The REAL MAN is not defined by his age – a boy with a beard is still a boy, no matter his age. A man is not someone who doesn’t make mistakes, but humbles himself after and learns from them. A man takes care of his children. A man values his worth by his caring and kind attitude to others, not by his car, job title, or salary.

Daughters Need Fathers, Too

From Daughters Need Fathers, Too

Thanks, dad, for being the REAL MAN.
You never told me what that means, but you lived your life so I could learn by watching you …


9 thoughts on “Are you a REAL MAN?

  1. harvestmuse says:

    Wow! THAT was powerful…thanks.

  2. harvestmuse says:

    Reblogged this on Tales of Love and Light and commented:
    This worth watching; very telling.

  3. I read an article about the worst things you can say to your son and “be a man” was one of them. Good stuff 🙂

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Very good point. This point was also raised in the recent video of the The Representation Project called ‘The mask you live in’. Interestingly enough, I’ve never heard anyone saying something similar to a girl (e.g. ‘ be a woman’)…

  4. mommyx4boys says:

    Awww thats so sweet, and very true

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