19 thoughts on “Your value is the product of your thoughts…

  1. bkpyett says:

    Excellent advice!

  2. annesquared says:

    Thanks, I needed that today…and this week!

  3. Jahilliya says:

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  4. words4jp says:

    Ouch – I do not so this. Explains a lot.

  5. satzie says:

    🙂 A very good one.
    While both the statements hold true, i love the first statement so much. Particularly, the word “product”, for its placement, with multiplication point of view.
    Such a good statement with intrinsic value.
    I also love the bg, which reminds me one of my fav good old cartoon “Martyn Mystery”.

  6. excellent thought
    with regards

  7. katelon says:

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    In our society, reclaiming our self value can be a long journey. Some cultures and families fully support their children and each other in a way that bolsters self esteem, self worth, self love and self value but many don’t at all.

    With how our world has been run by the dark elite for so long, institutions, governments, and religions, were designed to keep people down, feeling devalued and lacking so they could be controlled. So this has been pervasive in our world.

    I grew up with two critical parents, school mates that rejected me and devalued me, and that became my norm. In my lifelong quest to heal asthma, I realized how much of the time I held my breath so as not to wheeze, and tried to be as small as possible, take up as little room as I could, so as not to attract any more negative attention. When I did attempt to shine my light it was deemed too bright, so I kept that hidden as well.

    My healing process has taken a long time and I’m so grateful for the various healers who helped me and the many techniques I learned to assist myself. This journey to self love and self valuing isn’t an easy quest, but oh so worth it.

    The truth of who we are is divine co-creators with Spirit/source. Anything less than that is a lie. We were meant to shine bright and shine BIG! Love is who we are and to keep that covered not only hurts the world but it also hurts ourselves.

    The time of the planet is one where we are all being called to reclaim this divinity, this light, this love and fill ourselves up, letting it seep out to the world. Imagine a world with all of us shining bright! Then together we can create a planet of peace, abundance, joy, wholeness.

    You are a very valuable part of this creation. I honor you. Shine on dear one, shine on!!!!!

  8. katelon says:

    Thanks, i reblogged this!

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    Brilliant, thank you, Empower and Balance

  10. Brilliant, I love it so re-blogged! thank you

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