Without anger there is no enemy… When hatred consumes us we perceive enemies everywhere.


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22 thoughts on “Without anger there is no enemy… When hatred consumes us we perceive enemies everywhere.

  1. Jenni says:

    Yes there is a difference between anger and blind hatred, one can propel the other only damages all around it.

  2. bkpyett says:

    That’s a powerful image and text. So true too!

  3. Uncontrolled Anger is always our enemy. But control one can leads us to success

  4. Of course it applies to hatred also. Like when you want to leave your bad habit.

  5. Mélanie says:

    “my enemies, my friends… or vice-versa!”(Dalai Lama)
    * * *
    hatred has existed, part of the human nature and it’s always been a negative, destructive, devastating reaction or consequence… in fact, it’s supposed to be “a bastard”(sic!) conceived by general frustration, (imagined!) fear(anxiety) of one’s fellows, various inferiority complexes, etc… long story, short: both hatred and grudge are huge burdens on any person’s shoulders!!!

  6. Mélanie says:

    P.S. – N.B. speakin’ of hatred… 14 million screams against forced marriage of minors in several countries: 😦

  7. What a great pont. Something to consider for sure

  8. Sandra says:

    That is awesome.

  9. shukran says:

    This is very important point. We are emotional creatures and bound to have them one way or the other but balance is the key. Whenever one crosses the boundary of balance can only destroy self not others. But who is there to tell us the boundary of this balance as every single one has different opinion. İf one impose his/her value to others then the balance of freedom, equality and justice will be damaged. İs not that true?

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