16 thoughts on “Life is full of beauty. Notice it…

  1. Yes, everyday always beautiful if we walk with God

  2. socialbridge says:

    I couldn’t but notice my precious puppy, Stan, when I came downstairs this morning. He had an old tennis ball stored in his bed waiting for me to play with him. Seeing him bob across the ktichen floor after the ball made me smile!

  3. Yes I have O. A friend telling how much they look forward to meeting up with me. i was so happy to hear that news. I smiled broadly.

  4. Kristin says:

    LOVE!! Yes, I noticed beautiful animals today during my morning run!!!

  5. viewpacific says:

    It’s difficult NOT to notice beauty. It’s all around us, in a bird’s song, a painting, or a kind gesture between people. It’s also in words from the heart.

  6. Bonnie J. Gaines says:

    beautiful !

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