Sometimes when you’re married…

( by Nicholas Gordon )


Sometimes when you’re married
You drift away within.
Outside you stroll together;
Inside you live in sin.

A rich imagination
Provides your ecstasy,
A cordless, mobile heaven
Where everything is free.

The garden that you tend
Is not the one you roam;
The part of you that sings
Is not the one at home.

A strange and burning life:
What’s real is not what’s true.
And no one knows the passion
That you believe is you.

And so you are distracted,
Two people in a jar,
Bound by love and fate,
Yet never what you are

Until by chance life rips
A hole right through your wall,
And nothing you’ve imagined
Looks like you at all…



14 thoughts on “Sometimes when you’re married…

  1. I have serious doubts about being able to maintain the magic of marriage. In many ways your poem is a very accurate.

  2. Mélanie says:

    who needs magic 24/7?!… 🙂 it’s an illusion lost in advance! 😉

    if a marriage lasts, it does involve mutuality – from the very beginning of the common life, even though the 2 protagonists have completely different personalities – which is normal, logical, human… love, affection, trust, understanding, attention, mutual respect… any one-way relationship will end into a cul-de-sac(dead end) – sooner or later… we all need “jars” now and then, just for some time to be with ourselves, but if we stay inside too long, our partener may do the same or simply he/she will try to find another “jar”… 😉

    I don’t believe in fate-fatalism, passiveness, resignation… nobody will ever do anything in our place…

  3. Die Trying says:

    Oh this was my favourite dance the first time they took to the stage, thanks for bringing it back. I love the beat, balance and rhythm of their bodies, its quite exceptional. As for your poem, “sometimes when you married”, together with the jars, for me is precise. I agree with both comments in that it seems quite impossible yet also achievable if given realism. However, our perceptions and experiences differ wildly, at times perhaps, expecting it a bit too much :)!

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