The Man in a Suit

ManFrom Pooky’s Poems

What do you see
When you look at me?
Asked the husband of one,
And father of three.
Do you see a good husband?
The love of a Dad?
Or grey hair,
And wrinkles,
And fun times not had?
Or a man in a shirt
And a tie and a suit,
Who’s cold blooded and vengeful
In his hot pursuit,
Of a spot at the top,
And a big leather chair,
Leaving no time for family,
Though their picture will stare
Back at him daily,
From its bright silver frame,
As it sits on his desk,
By the plaque with his name.
The picture grows old,
And the children do too,
And the wife grows more distant,
The marriage is through,
As he’s married to work,
Not his wife and his kids,
And his love of his work,
Means he gradually bids
Farewell to the things
In life that he should love.
Less responsive to family,
Than calls from above.
But he thinks that he does it
To make things at home better,
He thinks that each phone call,
Each meeting, each letter,
Are helping his prospects of
A better job,
And that each increased pay cheque
Will help him to bob,
In a tide of big bills
And of school fees and fares.
And as he works on,
He does so unaware,
That the more that he tries,
To help those back at home,
The more likely he is,
To end up alone.
He awakes from his daydream,
This man in a suit,
Considering life,
As he made the commute,
From his workplace to home,
And as he arrives,
He makes a decision,
And with gusto decides,
That his wife and his kids
Are important to him,
And with less pay it might be
A bit harder to swim,
In the huge tide of bills,
But what does he care
If it means that his loved ones,
Know that he’s there.
Knows that he loves them,
And love him in return,
They’ll love him regardless
Of how much he earns.
And so from that day,
He determines that he
Will be a husband of one,
And a father of three,
Not a man in a suit
And a shirt and a tie,
That’s just Monday to Friday
But the rest of the time,
He’ll devote to his loved ones,
Now he’s home with a smile,
And he cuddles his wife,
For the first time in a while.
She knows that he’s changed
Though he says not a word
And from that day forever,
His family come first.

By PookyH

From One Big Happy Family


20 thoughts on “The Man in a Suit

  1. Mélanie says:

    welcome back, young lady! 🙂 my very best and have a serene week! Mélanie

  2. Such a beautiful thought that any man would see his family as the most important thing in life. I did so love this as I think many men lose sight of what is important in pursuit of the dollar sacrificing connections with family. Though I think your point is also relevant to any worker, male or female as both can be blind to the needs of their family.

    The above is the comment I made on Pooky’s blog this morning. The poem raises some very good points about the nature of family versus career. Good that you have used it on your blog.

  3. This is lovely. It speaks of self-discovery and values ….all those things that truly matter in the pursuit of love and happiness.
    Who is this Pookie that I need to check out? I admire simplicity with truth.x

  4. I did that thinking I was caring for my family. My one chance to make a lot of money, build a home and live happily ever after! Nup! Never at home, forgot what my wife looked like…and the children…I think I had 2! But like most lessons, hindsight is a wonderful thing…but a very, very valuable lesson that I now give in spades…but everyone I meet needs me to earn lots of money so I can give them the security and ease of life that they have been brought up to expect….go figure! 🙂

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Very good point, Mark. It is very hard to reach good work-life balance while meeting all the expectations. 😦

    • Otrazhenie says:

      “but everyone I meet needs me to earn lots of money so I can give them the security and ease of life that they have been brought up to expect” – hm, that does not sound right, Mark. That does not look like a good basis for a relationship. Personally, I would rather be alone, than with a person who stays in a relationship only for the sake of being provided with money, security and ease of life. People, who have high expectations with regard to money and ease of life, should be prepared to work hard themselves to achieve their expectations.

      • And I agree totally. Most definitely not the grounds for a relationship. It was a big lesson for us both by spirit….I fell madly in love, and that point slowly surfaced, and as I had just been shown my journey of what unconditional love was, I totally accepted her exactly how she was, because I had no expectations on the relationship, but she was not able to go through with it because my circumstances did not give her that security. Her previous relationship had ripped out that security emotionally and physically and left a very big fear. That is her journey and I do not judge it in any way for I know underneath that it is done with great love so that she may go through that fear and learn to love herself again. I was glad that I could love her from that place and allow her to experience what love can do so that she may know her fear and release it. It was, for me, a very big understanding as well, as I had always ‘over loved’ anyone that I was with, to the point I smothered them…but it was a smother of fear, thinking I would lose them. That was my lesson and it allowed me to release that fear and ‘see’ the beauty within it. The lesson is always a two way street even though it may not seem so at the time. Thank you Otrazhenie for your comment, expectations will drag relationships down, and in the end, they are just our own fears being projected onto others. Namaste

      • Otrazhenie says:

        Antoine de Saint-Exupery once made a very wise point: “Love does not cause suffering: what causes it is the sense of ownership, which is love’s opposite.” In my view, only when we get our own insecurities and fears sorted, we can fully love another person without falling into a trap of obsession and possession. It looks like we both came to the same conclusion 🙂 . Namaste.

  5. I was married to a workaholic and at 50 he was offered another 5 year contract – he turned it down and we have worked for ourselves for 12 years – at home together – after 22 years of his hard work and long hours for us – we actually have now more than just money can by. Thanks for the great words.

  6. laurie27wsmith says:

    A great piece, sometimes it can be hard to get the balance right in life.

  7. PookyH says:

    Thanks for sharing my poem – means a lot to me x

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