17 thoughts on “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s learning to dance in the rain

  1. Love Singing In The Rain

  2. Hello O, life for me is making the best of most situations I find myself in. Sometimes I am restless, I get bored, I write and I live. In living I try and make use of my blog to reach out to people who read what I write. Most days it s fun place to be. Its easy to be down on yourself and life and there are a million reasons in believing life sucks at times. But we only have one go at life, it is our own responsibility to to do all we can to ensure our lives and those of others around us are as good as they can be. Waiting for the storm to pass can stifle all progress, why wait when you can create your own sunshine within yourself.

  3. Brilliant and simple – must be a post by the Big O! MM 🍀

  4. Steve Morris says:

    Learn to dance in the rain … or get yourself a good umbrella! It takes all sorts.

  5. Hera says:

    This is my favorite quote. I’m a desert rat and absolutely Love rain. Dancing in the first rain of the season is something I always due. 🙂

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