9 thoughts on “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

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  3. I think the problem many of us face is the recognising the value of what we write,draw, ,make whatever it is of an artistic nature we delve into.You are right we are all artists as children, though in my case not a very good one, my art as such is illustrated on my blog and in my eyes is very immature.
    Apart from that as yourself that if as a child you did practice art of some kind what has led you to pursue this into adulthood. You like to do it.It gives you a sense of self? You want to make a living out of it.
    Whatever the reason we do try to express ourselves through what we create.
    Much of art is in the eye of the beholder. Explains why not every blogger follows your blog. Why your art only sells so few of, even when you think you might be God’s gift to the artist world.
    I think of the people I know who write, draw, play music it fundamentally comes from a place where they like what they do. That they sell their work or have people read or listen to what they create is a bonus. My son sells art around the world and he makes a sort of living from that. But he can’t and wont create anything until he likes what it is he is doing. Even with commissions I know he gives a lot of thought to what he is creating consulting with his client until they both agree on what he is going to do.
    Love what you do, be passionate about your creation, your audience will see it immediately.

  4. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Those words speak so much challenge and hope. The question is, who is up for the challenge!

  5. cakapeace says:

    To not become jaded. And to always know we know very little..and to have an open mind…to have an open imagination..to what is possible and what we know nothing about..but try to create it…that is how you stay creative..and to be a artist…always looking for more answers…for understanding to things we have not even seen yet. To come up with ways to make that seen by others..that is the artist, that is the child. If we are fooled by what others tell us to become…we will surely lose ourselves, and become something else..maybe an image of someone else. OUr creativity may become somebody elses design. 1world UP for all mankind! The key to living is GROWING and always learning…once we stop learning we have already begun to whither away… to die!

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