You leave me breathless…

Candleby Juli-ju 

I close my eyes for a moment and finally see the light
Of a thousand burning candles leading somewhere out of sight
And I follow ever onward tripping over my own fear
The echoes of the nighttime following closely on my heels

Through a hundred empty canyons to what seems a hundred more
I keep following the light; for I am sure of what’s in store
And your voice calls from the distance and I hurry ever on
To the safety of your arms; to your soul that keeps me warm…

When I groan beneath the burdens that weigh heavy on my soul
You remove them like a garment; clothe me with love so light and full
And I know that it’s been worth it; every minute every mile
And I know that at this moment all that matters is your smile…

by M’lyssa Layne

by Steorra



7 thoughts on “You leave me breathless…

  1. well hello lovely to see you again O,great post to make tonight.

  2. This almost reads as a ritual. Flows beautifully. Thank you for posting. 🙂

  3. M'lyssa Layne says:

    Thank you for posting my work. I am glad you enjoy it. -M’Lyssa Layne

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