Hell on Earth

I’m not sure about paradise, but hell exists for sure –
it is here, on Earth. 😦


From Never Give Up Hope

My blog posts have been very positive and sweet lately, but there is a different side to my blog – stories from hell, real hell on Earth. I posted them for a number of reasons. Firstly, I believe that it is important to remember such stories and learn from them. Stories from hell bring wisdom. Secondly, I believe that only the spotlight of our attention can counteract the dark forces of hell. Don’t turn away – only our attention can stop that pain, only our attention can overcome that darkness. Thirdly, once we get to know real hell, we learn to appreciate all the blessings in our lives – and we do have plenty of those.

Blogging is an art and as such “should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”. If you feel disturbed and need comfort, check out my Thoughts and Poetry & Songs sections. However if you feel strong enough to be disturbed, here is a new page on my blog – Hell on Earth.

Chechnja(  Chechnya.
Photo from the Russian website 
‘No to War’ )


6 thoughts on “Hell on Earth

  1. feralc4t says:

    Hopefully not the end

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Quick and painless end can be counted as a blessing in a real hell. We are so lucky not to be there. 😦

      I don’t believe in the end of Earth, but would love to believe in the end of Hell. There should be no place for Hell on Earth.

  2. I agree. You know I was about to see if you had posted today and that maybe I had missed you, and then up you popped. Uncanny.
    When I was at school the nun who taught us English in Year 12 would often talk about this life as hell. Could it get any worse than this she would say.
    There are terrible things happening around the world and I agree with you O in that they serve to allow us to grow as people. They cannot be ignored but rather we do what we can to rail against them using whatever resources we may have at hand.
    I also agree that they serve to remind us of how good we have it. If you live in a peaceful country then be thankful, many don’t, many are not even able to feed themselves, speak for themselves, defend themselves. There are some horrible people in our world and we must never let them decide the fate of the rest of us.
    I fwe believe that there is a hell on earth, how then do we equate the love and care that exists between so many many people in the face of this hell. Love becomes the overriding virtue that allows us to cope with the knowledge that there might be a hell all around us.
    Thanks what I think O.

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Often only by going through hell one realizes what real love and friendship is and what really matters in this life. 😦

      • So true O, it is through suffering that we grow. I read that somewhere once and its true I think. If suffering can be seen beyond the physical pain and as a part of life from which we grow then we do benefit, though pain often builds resentment and that can be hard to get past for some. Hence the people we know who are bitter and twisted.
        Real love is an interesting concept, is it just an ideal, can we actually attain it? I’d like to think I can. In some ways I do, like with my children.

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