8 thoughts on “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable

  1. I think the whole purpose of art is to do precisely what is said.
    I have had great arguments with friends over the years in relation to the nature of art, as in visual art. Some will contend that art should be the artist’s representation of whatever he/she is drawing/painting /sculpturing. The question in all of this is understanding the nature not just of the art but the person who is viewing it. We come from different contexts, we see art from our own perspective, what you may be comfortable with i may find uncomfortable and so on. It doesn’t necessarily lesson the value of the art work. But discussion is what it should generate.
    I wrote a musical. many years ago in which i killed off the leading man at the end of the play. This along with other challenging dramatic decisions we made at the time. And it was all about challenging my audience, make them think about what had happened…..and not present them with the soft easy way out. That decision created great discussion in our community, we attracted great audiences, we put on a good show and we got away with it.

    I could go on about this……i hope it makes some sense to you…

  2. […] is an art and as such “should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”. If you feel disturbed and need comfort, check out my Thoughts and Poetry & Songs sections. […]

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