When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love…

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22 thoughts on “When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love…

  1. This is the basis of debate too O. I can see what is implied by anothers happiness being our own, but that also begs the question of what is our own happiness. Is that not of equal importance? I ask this as I have had conflict in the past where i thought that was the way of things and then discovered my partner was more concerned with me being happy in myself and not just to please her. Like I have said before relationship is about balance, and finding what that is is not always easy. ( Gees I must sound like a grump tonight….i’m not really you know I have been known to be a regular ok sort of guy, believe it or not!!) maybe I need to write more Poem 56’s??

    • Otrazhenie says:

      You are not grump at all. To me this quote is more about caring than pleasing. In my view, it is impossible to reach a balance without genuine care. Also, only a very well balanced person can truly care about happiness of another being without obsessive possessiveness, which is often confused with love. And only a very well balanced and caring person can fully accept and enjoy another person as he/she really is. It is all about the balance – inner balance as well as the balance in the relationship.

    • That’s a great reply O. I think that comment about inner balance is what makes the difference and I am probably guilty of trying to enjoy the others happiness, or making them feel happy without worrying about my own.I would suspect a balanced person is a life long project and one I am working on constantly, but life insecurities often get in the way, its the mark of being human i guess. But if you want something then you do what you can to achieve it.
      Tonight I wrote poem about my mother. she died in 1983. She would have been 88 last Monday.
      I have always worried about my relationship with her, so my inner balance in that regard has been out of kilter for a long time. Tonight was the first I have written anything extensive about her. I should share it with you some time.

  2. When that someone is happy in themselves, they give from that lovely place within….which you feel, and begin to feel that same happiness within yourself…and before you know it, the whole world is happy along with you. But first…the self…then all else is added 🙂
    Great pic and oh yes, when you are in love it is beautiful to see that happiness in another, it is a glow that shines and shines, and lifts your glow within, until finally you stare into one another’s eyes…and you see your truth reflected there! 🙂 Namaste

  3. dawnhosking says:

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  4. dawnhosking says:

    Love this post

  5. Sharing indeed is a testament of love. However, there is a another aspect of love one should consider when sharing your love in my humble opinion, and that is wisdom.

    What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom

    Regards and good will blogging

  6. ridicuryder says:

    I have been thin on other blogs for a bit, more of a reading, but not commenting phase. This post and the comments seemed like a really good opportunity to nudge back to you.

    When we consider ourselves isolated beings then certain politics or dynamics color the love BETWEEN humans. Aside from the place where we view ourselves as separate is the experience of oneness…..a joy to experience in a relationship or a community/family. When oneness extends beyond borders and seeps across the universe BETWEEN fades quite a bit and here comes the realization that when you love another, you love yourself, when someone is mistreated in your neighborhood or on another continent……it is you mistreating yourself.

    Unimaginable things will be yielded when we begin fully loving ourselves.

    Happy Holidays,

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Hi Mark, Glad to see you back in the blogosphere. Loved your comment. You are right – it is all about feeling of oneness: oneness in a loving relationship, oneness within the family, oneness within the community and oneness within the whole planet. When you feel like ‘one’, you can’t hurt another being, as that would hurt you too.

      Thanks for your insightful comment and happy holidays to you too.

  7. viewpacific says:

    Wonderful and thoughtful comments here. I’d like to echo that the best for all is to hold a balance between loving ourselves and others.
    Have you noticed that on airplanes they advise the parent to take the oxygen mask first so they can then help others? The first act of caring includes caring for ourselves so we can fully care for others.

  8. SAK says:

    happiness together is what it is all about…

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