Forbidden Fruit


From DeviantArt

Tasting your breath
Inhaling your sweet scent
You are the forbidden fruit
The love that was never meant

The pain of not having you
And holding you in my arms
The chance not existing
To impress you with my charms

The twinkle in your eyes
And your smile I can never win
To truly taste you, my Dear Forbidden Fruit,
Can only be a sin

To nibble a small part of you
Softly with my teeth
The desire so strong,
The mere thought of you makes my senses weak

Dear Forbidden Fruit,
Only for you I have such desire
No longer just a flickering flame
But a raging, red-hot fire

My Sweet Forbidden Fruit,
I greet you once again
Never to be my lover
But only as a friend. 

(by Jacqueline Kyong Hui Jenkins)



14 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit

  1. shukran says:

    This is very nice, full of feeling. Sad, for giving up hope.

  2. Great images O.Is the song showing your age? Played it twice.
    It was lovely to read a piece of your work. There are a multitude of reasons for a love becoming forbidden. An impossible love can exist and we are powerless to act on it, but I think sometimes our perception of love is what we have to consider. It takes all sorts of forms, it comes when we least expect it and that can be a most pleasant place to find ourselves. But to see Forbidden Fruit as a friend never a lover is a decision we would make with a heavy heart. The beauty of a poem like this is it gives you a lot to talk about it……so thanks for sharing. I hope all this makes some sense.

    • Otrazhenie says:

      My age you say? Hm, I’m still choosing it, you see as per . Unfortunately, I’m a very slow chooser.

      And this piece of work is not mine either. I was never good in poetry. Tried only once at school – something about a bird that crashed on the second line and never took off. 😦 Terribly useless in painting/drawing too – can only Photoshop a bit. Therefore I’m only a grateful collector of beautiful works of others and a true admirer of their talents.

      • Ah now I remember…..age is something I have decided as much I want to be in denial there is no point. The number keep getting higher every year, they never diminish. Though as I have said before its the age in your head that often dictates your behaviour, the problem comes when your body complains it can’t keep up.
        Believe me poetry is not hard, just a bunch of words all sitting together to convey an idea. I always think if I can do it anyone can. I am still haunted by my first ever effort in primary school. It was so appalling its a wonder I ever got over it. The break for me came later when i began writing song, that i discovered i could write a lyric to music. There’s an old song called “Forbidden Fruit’.
        For poor art look at my attempts at art attached to some of my poems….I cringe when i look at them…well many of them….my son is a famous artist but he didn’t get that talent from me.

      • Otrazhenie says:

        I usually cringe at everything I write or do once its done. I did help my children to write a few poems at primary school – only silly once, with no meaning. We got a good book that explained very well how to write different types of verses. Love your poetry and images posted with your poems.

      • Thanks O, I am happy you do so, I like the way you use your blog as well, you give me plenty to write/talk about.
        Have a good day.

      • Otrazhenie says:

        Glad that you find my blog inspiring for your creative writing.

  3. Dilip says:

    Fiery and passionate!

  4. Great stuff once more. 🍀

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