Live simply so that others may simply live…

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Voluntary Simplicity is a lifestyle designed to focus on living and veer away from material possessions by subtracting the unnecessary and adding the meaningful. The rejection of consumerism arises from the recognition that ordinary Western-style consumption habits are degrading the planet; that lives of high consumption are unethical in a world of great human need; and that the meaning of life does not and cannot consist in the consumption or accumulation of material things. Extravagance and acquisitiveness are accordingly considered an unfortunate waste of life, certainly not deserving of the social status and admiration they seem to attract today. The affirmation of simplicity arises from the recognition that very little is needed to live well – that abundance is a state of mind, not a quantity of consumer products or attainable through them.

According to this philosophy of living, personal and social progress is measured not by the conspicuous display of wealth or status, but by increases in the qualitative richness of daily living, the cultivation of relationships, and the development of social, intellectual, aesthetic, and/or spiritual potentials. As Duane Elgin has famously defined it, voluntary simplicity is ‘a manner of living that is outwardly simple and inwardly rich, … a deliberate choice to live with less in the belief that more life will be returned to us in the process’.

It should be noted that voluntary simplicity does not, however, mean living in poverty, becoming an ascetic monk, or indiscriminately renouncing all the advantages of science and technology. It does not involve regressing to a primitive state or becoming a self-righteous puritan. And it is not some escapist fad reserved for saints, hippies, or eccentric outsiders. Rather, advocates of simplicity suggest that by examining afresh our relationships with money, material possessions, the planet, ourselves and each other, ‘the simple life’ of voluntary simplicity is about discovering the freedom and contentment that comes with knowing how much consumption is truly ‘enough’.

From What is Voluntary Simplicity?

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33 thoughts on “Live simply so that others may simply live…

  1. This premise has long been held to be true.Living as simply as possible is an ideal and in a material world not always easy to achieve as we have needs, usually based on our desire to have what everyone else has, even so it is possible to be aware of those less fortunate and give what we can when we can. I agree happiness does dwell within us and we can achieve it in a variety of ways and giving has always been a winner in my book. Great post O and very thought provoking.

    • Otrazhenie says:

      I usually don’t buy anything fancy unless it has a practical purpose. Knowing that, once my friends gave me a bouquet of vegetables instead of flowers to make it more ‘practical’. It was very well received and gobbled up with joy by all members of my family 🙂

      The same with my kids – they all know that I’m happy to fund bare essentials. If they want something fancier, they need to earn and spend their own money on that. Yes, that does mean that they get from me only the cheapest cell phone for emergency calls that has no fancy games, no matter how ‘uncool’ it might look to their mates. The same with clothes and all the other things. However I’m always happy to fund sport activities and learning/life experiences (e.g. travelling, going to museums, exhibitions etc.) for them. It is all about finding a good balance.

  2. Ajaytao2010 says:

    Very Beautiful post dear

  3. Ajaytao2010 says:

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    Wonderful post from dear Otrazhenie

  4. Die Trying says:

    What a well written, beautiful piece. Inside fulfillment, no price tag:)

  5. God points, bud. How are you?

  6. Well one thing I know is that O’s heart is definitely in the right place! 🍀

  7. Reblogged this on Lavender Reflections and commented:
    Wonderful post from Otrazhenie. Simple life=beautiful life

  8. as you suggest living simply means to respond with out question and to love without requisite – nice post

  9. Sunny says:

    Beautiful Post! Love your blog! Thanks for checking out my site 🙂

  10. I have just clicked on “Like” but stopped by to add “Love Love Love >>> it!” (Not an available button, as you know…)

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