“Adults aren’t generally struck with the urge to skip because their worries and burdens weigh them down and they forget that they can take themselves lightly.”

Jessi Lane Adams

HappinessGirlsFrom Happiness is a Blessing

“Skipping is jumping for joy, step after step…”

“Skipping turns –
moping into hoping,
pity into giddy,
sad into glad,
lazy into crazy,
old into bold,
tired into wired!”

Terri Guillemets


The End



  1. Super cute! Thanks for reminding me to lighten up and have a little fun.

  2. melanie says:

    Thanx-merci, the same to you, Miss O! 🙂
    @Guillemets = quotation marks/inverted commas… cute name! 🙂

  3. What a lovely thought! 🙂

  4. You too have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. billiamholt says:

    Thanks for the reminder to live like a kid.I As I wrote this line, I looked down at my fourty year old leg in a cast from a skateboarding accident. Hmmm. Maybe skipping is a good alternative. ;). Have a great weekend!

  6. snoogiefisk says:

    This made me smile. Thank you.

  7. panterawrr says:

    Reblogged this on The Curly Haired Chronicles. and commented:
    I just love the photo! Its fun and colourful and theor faces are just priceless!

  8. katelon says:

    I love to skip and still do!

  9. Francina says:

    such a joyful photo, very lovely.. and an awesome weekedn to you as well 🙂
    groetjes, Francina

  10. Ajaytao2010 says:

    So innocent and so beautiful post dear
    I loved it

  11. What a lovely post. Glad that you took the time to read mine. Have a wonderful weekend and I will be following.

  12. what a lovely post, so full of joy

  13. djdfr says:

    I insert a couple skips from time to time. It makes people laugh.

  14. WT Dufrane says:

    I am humbled by your visit on my blog. Thank you.

  15. What a delightful post! The photo is spectacular and makes me smile, and all these wondrous quotes definitely give me permission to go skipping! Thank you for this reminder to take our selves lightly and celebrate the joyful child within. 😀 Blessings, Gina

  16. Awesome post! Keep up the great work. Feel free to visit my blog at breakyourcage.com

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