To share or not to share – spreading positive memes via the internet


Did you receive one of those e-mails or text or Facebook posts today? The one that says “send this to 7 friends” or a picture of a sick kid with a caption like “if this picture gets 1,000 “likes” so and so will pay for their surgery”, or a photo of Bill Gates  with a caption like if you “share” this picture he might give you $5,000 etc. There is a large amount of inaccurate information and viruses of the mind circling on the internet. We know that we can’t trust everything we read on Facebook or internet or receive via email. However some of these images and stories do appeal to us and touch our hearts. Should we ‘share’ them or not?

Personally I would not share any negative messages that invoke guilt or waste people’s time. However I would ‘share’ positive messages, no matter whether they are true real life stories or just a product of creative mind.  After all, for centuries myths, legends, fairy tales and literary stories have been used for spreading positive memes and developing good moral values. Such literary works have always been judged by the fitness of its emotional effects rather than ‘truthfulness’. I believe that such positive stories provide direction to reader’s personality. Every emotional reaction of the reader helps to set his or her character more firmly in the mould of right or wrong attitude.

Below are a few examples of positive internet legends and tales. They are not true, but I still like them and would still share them with my friends:

What about you? Would you share them too?

MEME2From Emotion is The Secret to Creating a Meme



12 thoughts on “To share or not to share – spreading positive memes via the internet

  1. Alastair says:

    There’s one doing the rounds that is sick. “Share if you hate cancer … ignore if you want your parents to die from it”

    When they first started, I would do the odd one or two “We are against blah blah blah … will you post this for just one hour? 98% of people won’t” but there are too many of them now so I don’t bother. The only ones I do now are “share if you have the best son / daughter / sister / mother / father / wart infested worm riddled nine legged donkey catfish”

    • Otrazhenie says:

      I know what you mean. Have seen a few of those, including the one about cancer. I make sure now that I’m sharing only postive messages and don’t overuse the ‘Share’ button 🙂

  2. risinghawk says:

    I will rarely share the ones like you described. I heard a report on the national news that many of these types of images, “click if you hate cancer,” etc., are often designed to be sold. Once a huge number of likes are amassed, it seems that someone can “transfer” the likes to a business page. So, their business suddenly has 200,00 “likes” I don’t know the process, but after reading that, I essentially stopped “liking” and of the heart-string tugging images with a gazillion “likes.” Of course I hate cancer – duh!

  3. devonforever says:

    If something tells me to ‘share’ or ‘like’ then I don’t, on principle. We should be intelligent enough to make our own minds up about whether a message is worth sharing.

  4. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominate for the WordPress Family Award
    please accept it and oblige

  5. alohaleya says:

    totally agree with you on this one! ever since i started blogging, i’ve spent much less time on FB as the negativity, insincerity, and guilt trips drive me crazy! (ok, i know there’s more to it than that, but still…). thank you for your inspiring messages! aleya

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Interesting observation. I still use Facebook a bit for catching up with friends and relatives, but no more than that. I do find blogging (writing as well as reading other blogs) more inspiring and thought provoking than Facebook. Glad that you like my posts 🙂

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