When evil men plot, good men must plan…

Evil good men

I firmly believe that good people outnumber evil people on this planet – in all cultures and in all lands. Never lose hope in humanity no matter how much evil you see in this world. Good will always win.

12 thoughts on “When evil men plot, good men must plan…

  1. I so needed to hear this today. Thank you.

  2. Ambrozya says:

    Nothing more to say… Thank you!

  3. Aditya says:

    Great thought ..

  4. djdfr says:

    We decide and we can change.

  5. warpedgenius says:

    Reblogged this on refugefordoubtingthomases and commented:
    I want to believe these words with all my heart

  6. I really receive the positivity you exude in the creative expressions I’ve viewed about your material and character expressed in the development of this blog page. I want to thank you for read my lengthly post and stopping by “Fresh Oil”.

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad that you got a ‘positive ripple’ from my posts 🙂

      You have a very interesting blog. I did not have much time to go through your older posts yet, but will definitely be exploring your blog further 🙂

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