The (honest) Truth About Dishonesty

From Philosophy Wall

Are you more honest than a banker? Under what circumstances would you lie, or cheat, and what effect does your deception have on society at large? Check out Dan Ariely’s presentation “The (honest) Truth About Dishonesty” below.


13 thoughts on “The (honest) Truth About Dishonesty

  1. Yaz says:

    Fascinating to listen (and watch him draw!) to how we lie to ourselves. I don’t know where you find such good videos!

  2. Bastet says:

    Very nice indeed! Love the RSA clips! Thanks for blogging.

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Thanks to you, Bastet, for visiting my blog and inspiring me to keep going with your kind words and thoughtful comments. Glad that you liked this post 🙂

  3. scaramouche says:

    That is a stunning video and very “true”!

  4. Yaz says:

    By the way, I’ve done a blog about crystals in order to promote a blogging friend’s book. If you like the look of it, I’d be grateful if you’d pass it on to others who would also reblog? But only if you like the look of it. Trying to promote the good things in the universe! Thanks! Here’s the link

  5. motivationaltalks says:

    Thanx for following my blog!!! I am impressed by your posts

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad that you liked my posts. You are always welcome to come to my ‘treasure island’ in the blogosphere for a dose of inspiration and a few smiles. 🙂

      • motivationaltalks says:

        Thanx and I am actually impressed by the way you compose your poems, Open for anyone to understand though interpretations might differ

      • Otrazhenie says:

        I can’t take credit for ‘composing’ when it comes to poems. I’m only ‘collecting’ them and posting them with images that reflect their meaning. The author/source is provided with each poem if known. 🙂

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