During a critical moment of impending war between Israel and Iran, something beautiful emerged from the mire of divisive thinking, racial intolerance and mutual hate. Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry designed this poster of himself and his daughter, and shared it on Facebook. It created, and reflected, an exquisite moment in our human evolution, an instant when the soul rises above the muck of the most ugly human ideas, glimpses its True Self and is transformed.

Many other Israelis responded positively to this message, designing their own posters to join the force of love.  Iranians returned the gesture of love with their own posters, and in the wake of these communications of the heart,  Facebook communities entitled ‘Israel loves Iran,’ ‘Iran loves Israel’ and ‘Palestine loves Israel’ have been set up to suggest an alternative way of dealing with each other.


This story reminded me of the lotus flower, which…

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  1. One small crop of posters shared. Perhaps on a whim.
    I can do it too.

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