In Human Closeness…

by Anna Akhmatova

( Photo by Dmitry_L )

In human closeness there is a secret edge,
Nor love nor passion can pass it above,
Let lips with lips be joined in silent rage,
And hearts be burst asunder with the love.

And friendship, too, is powerless plot,
And so years of bliss with noble tends,
When your heart is free and known not,
The slow languor of the earthy sense.

And they who strive to reach this edge are mad,
But they who reached are shocked with anguish hard —
Now you know why beneath your hand
You do not feel the beating of my heart.


8 thoughts on “In Human Closeness…

  1. johncoyote says:

    I lived in places who was open to human touch. Hugs, closeness and kisses of hello and goodbye. I live today in a place where people desire to know less as possible. I miss the old way. Human contact wasn’t feared. The poem is outstanding. Open the door to thoughts and more questions.

  2. ajaytao2010 says:


  3. Ghaniya says:

    Human closeness is the necessity of survival..People away from close friends and family lose themselves. I experienced it and loved this poem when i read my experiences in words woven so beautifully..

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