When I ask my students these questions, most guess that women are more likely to do all of the above. Yet it turns out that the right answer is “men.”

I should note that the gap has been closing over time. And these days, the gap is quite small.

But everyone’s surprised, probably because women have grown up on Disney princesses and are stereotyped to want romance and relationship while men supposedly just want sex.

So why doesn’t reality match expectation?

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  1. Snehal Sahay says:

    I read it before on broadBlogs…good one!:D
    And a bit surprising too…

    Btw can you tell me how you add the award widget on your WordPress page? I didnt find it…

    • Otrazhenie says:

      I thought the comments to this post on BroadBlogs were quite interesting as well with a huge range of opinions on the subject.

      With regard to the award widget, I’m using an image widget on my blog. Once I add an image widget, I get it linked to the award post. Hope that helps 🙂

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