Ideas are far more powerful than guns…

“Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don’t let our people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?”

Joseph Stalin

* * *

  • Sattar Beheshti, Iranian blogger and social media activist, tortured to death in November 2012:


  • The 54-year-old Canadian-Iranian journalist Zahra Kazemi also died under torture while in detention in Iran, on 10 July 2003.Β From TheEpochTimes

  • Omid Reza Mir Sayafi (also Omidreza Mirsayafi), a 29-year old Iranian blogger and journalist died in Evin Prison in Tehran on March 18, 2009. Mir Sayafi was the first blogger to have died while in prison for his publication.

From Wikipedia

  • Zakariya Rashid Hassan al-Ashiri, also spelled Al Asheri and Aushayri, (1971– April 9, 2011), was a forty-year-old Bahraini blogger and journalist, worked as an editor and writer for a local blog news website in Al Dair, Bahrain. He was killed on April 9, 2011 while in custody of the Bahraini Government.



4 thoughts on “Ideas are far more powerful than guns…

  1. snehal sahay says:

    Ideas are restricted on the planet everywhere. Dont know why, but have the strong feeling, that we are moving back to the dictatorship and kingship systems. Corruption, violence, brutality is at its peak, and the freedom of speech and representation, which is enlisted as the first fundamental right is no longer left as stated.

    Isn’t it the stone age arrival?

  2. […] Ideas are far more powerful than guns… […]

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