Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics…

A graph showing how importing lemons from Mexico reduces highway fatality rates in the U.S
from P.a.p.-Blog

Correlation vs. causation in research studies:

  • A Norwegian study called “Equality in the Home” found that couples who split housework are 50% more likely to divorce than couples in which the woman does most of the work. And the more housework the husband does, the higher the divorce rate climbs.
  • Research from Professor Martin Schmeldon of Harvard Business School that suggests excessive Twitter use may have caused the current economic downturn.
  • Data from the dating site OKCupid reveal that iPhone users have 50% to 100% more sex partners than Android users, at every age.

Other funny examples of correlation vs. causation from the LoveStats Blog:

  • Mass umbrella openings cause rain to fall
  • Buying popcorn causes movies to be shown
  • Buying plus sized clothing causes you to gain weight
  • Flying your own jet causes you to be a multi-millionaire

Just a funny reminder that correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation…



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