Love means…


7 thoughts on “Love means…

  1. snehalsahay says:

    true…but it rarely exists…

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Rarely? Hm, not sure about that. As an example, in extreme circumstances I think most parents would risk their lives to save their children. I personally would definitely do that. However that probably applies to true love only, when a person can’t see the value in his or her own life without beloved one…

      • snehalsahay says:

        Soo true…
        Its the best love I have seen, but dont know why, friends, siblings and closest ones change….dont they love?

      • Otrazhenie says:

        Very good point. All people change over time. I feel also that mundane reality of the everyday life blinds us a bit to what really matters in life, who matters to us the most and who cares about us the most. As illustrated in the ‘Jar of Life’ story at, there is often so much ‘sand’ in life, that it is hard to see the ‘golf balls’. However in extreme circumstances, when all the ‘sand’ gets washed away, we can clearly see what matters the most and who really cares about us. May be, some of those friends, siblings and closest ones still care a lot and love? May be, their feelings did not change, but got ‘buried’ under the sand of life?

      • paradox7 says:

        That is true, we need to dig some meters deep, rather than covering a thousand shallow miles…

        Too much of pomp and show, and the actual play remains unseen…

      • Otrazhenie says:

        Very well said!!! 🙂

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