Why does Mommy and Daddy Fight?

by Dave Harm

Will they ever stop yelling?
ow did this happen?
our fighting has hurt me.

Dad, do you love Mom?
dd that I have to ask.
Everyone knows you do,
o, please tell her “I love you.”

Mom do you love Dad?
dd that I have to ask.
any days, you both watched me.
any nights, I slept in comfort.
ou’re my Mom and Dad.

Any way I look at it,
o medical treatment will help,
eep inside, I hurt.

Daddy, why do you drink?
nd Mommy, why do you yell?
on’t you care about me?
amn, I know I’m a baby,
et I understand.

Forgive me, if I’m cranky.
m doing the best I can.
ive me back my comfort
aving Mommy and Daddy,
ogether, as a family, again.

 * * *

Zoe’s folks divorced when she was still a baby. Her dad was not around when she was growing up. Like lots of girls with absent fathers, she’d had a tough time forming decent relationships with men. Or trusting men. Or even knowing how  to deal with men.  Like me, she’s been hurt. And like me, she’s had difficulties maintaining female relationships. She tended to assume that every relationship would get yanked away from her.”

( from “Love my rifle more than you:
young and female in the US army”
by Kayla Williams )

5 thoughts on “Why does Mommy and Daddy Fight?

  1. Naomikko says:

    love the poen..so touching

  2. Dave Harm says:

    Growing up in an alcoholic home, where both parents were alcoholics, made me grow up way to fast. And made me an alcoholic myself. It has taken me more then half my life to shift through the wreckage and come to some understanding of what happened. Thanks for the comments on my poem…

    • Otrazhenie says:

      So sorry to hear about your wrecking childhood experience. Glad that you managed to shift through the wreckage and get your life on track. Thanks for your comment.

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