Love your enemies…

“Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

(Bible, Matthew 5:44)

Hm? May be, those guns are shooting with hugs and kisses instead of bullets?

12 thoughts on “Love your enemies…

  1. Human beings will never ever live in harmoney on the whole but will do so individual.

  2. That blog. these blogs are dictated to me by God and as I study the human race on the whole he was and is right. It’s not just violence in society, it is all of the killing in wars, rape all over the world recently, Child abuse every where. Afshanistan, Iraq, many Arab countries.And so on too many to write about.

    Religion, infighting. Drunken people just about every where more so at the weekend.Its not just physical violence its mental violence. Un-recorded violence.

    I believe God knows better than Richard Feynman.

    Kenneth Foster God proclaimed Prophet.

  3. QUOTE. Otrazhenie says:

    November 1, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    Hm, that might be true. However according to some evidence the overall level of violence in the society has declined dramatically over time.

    Q,what society and part of the world do you mean?

  4. What about un-recorded violence, all over the world even today that which does not inclode taking of life.

    • Otrazhenie says:

      As mentioned above, “we are at the very beginning of time for the human race…” and therefore still have a very long way to go and lots of issues (including violence) to deal with on that way … Don’t think however that blessing guns would help to make this world more harmonious. 😦

  5. Yes you are right about the guns, my sentiments also.

  6. God said to me. “as we pass through time I will separate the wheat from the chaff and take the wheat to where I want it to be and the rest “hard core” I will scatter them into the wind”.

  7. […] are very rigid in their views and often refuse to address important issues in the society or even condone violence. Various cultural practices also tend to ‘pollute’ true religious […]

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