Online moderation as a form of censorship and misrepresentation of opinions

A few weeks ago I started a new category on my blog for censorship and forbidden books. This week I encountered a hilarious example of ‘censorship’ in online world. I came across a site with a post on Ending Violence Against Men. As I strongly oppose all forms of violence, I decided to join into the discussion. However something weird started happening. A few of my comments got posted and were ‘awaiting moderation’, and then they quietly disappeared from that page. That’s weird, I thought, as I could not see anything offensive in my comments. So I reposted them again – and again my comments quietly disappeared after moderation with no explanation or any other message from the moderator . I gave up after 3rd attempt and decided to present that site with the first award from my blog – Gold Teeth Denture Award for improved chewing, as, speaking in Mark Twain’s words, this moderator’s baby teeth obviously found my comments too chewy.

Congratulations, ManWomanMyth!!!

My ‘chewy’ comments are provided below.

‘Chewy’ reply to Keevo removed after moderation:

* * *

‘Chewy’ reply to AntiFeminist removed after moderation:

Chris Olwage from New Zealand’s Got Talent


6 thoughts on “Online moderation as a form of censorship and misrepresentation of opinions

  1. shafiqah1 says:

    Reblogged this on shafiqah1 and commented:
    John Stuart Mill Quote, very powerful! Thank you for posting 🙂

  2. Steve Morris says:

    Yes, the internet is a great example of freedom of speech, but it also serves as a reminder that whenever speech is free (unregulated), an unfortunate side effect is the propagation of myths, bias, stereotyping, (paradoxically) censorship and all kinds of unwelcome developments. Still, that’s the price you pay for freedom. We must endure it.

  3. Sig says:

    Whenever someone says “All (fill in the blanks) are…” – whether the “All” is stated or implied – they are almost always making a false statement – especially when the “blank” is any form of living thing.

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