You taught me…

( by Nicholas Gordon )

( Photo by Katenovna )

You taught me how to laugh again
And gave me back my smile,
Restored my faith in people
When everyone seemed vile.

You were as if the sun came up
Upon my bitter night
And bade the blackness rustle up
Some joyful morning light.

And inexplicably my heart
Rose up and twirled me round,
So sudden in its expert art
I scarcely touched the ground.

With you I am still filled with light
And all my feelings dance.
You are my song, my wings, my flight,
My truth and my romance.


4 thoughts on “You taught me…

  1. Beautiful ! Your lines flow so fluently ! I made a feeble attempt at poetry in one of my post , The Door , about a dream. I am afraid it is not up to your quality. I would welcome some pointers. Again beautiful .

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Unfortunately, I can’t give you any ‘pointers’ as I do not write poems – I collect them on my blog. This poem was written by Nicholas Gordon. He has a website ‘Poems for Free’ at where he provides poems for different occasions that can be used for free by anyone. He might be able to give you some ‘pointers’ 🙂

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