We have to face the fact…

* * *

“I myself did a lot of break-dancing when I came back from Afghanistan. I worked in a professional dance troupe. For me, break-dancing is a language without words, one which I can speak freely. A language of movement….

One time our dance group met with the Yale University Slavic Chorus, which sings beautifully in Russian and English. We went to see them off at the Moscow railroad station. We started dancing for them, there on the platform, and they began to sing us Russian songs. It was unforgettable, the way the whole Moscow railroad station clapped wildly for us. But when they’d gotten on the train and gone, I saw one young guy who’d been watching them with a rage and fury so strong that I couldn’t stop myself from going up to him. Then I heard him say: “I was in Afghanistan! And those shits! Their rockets…” I felt pain and sorrow for him. He was blaming the American people for the American rockets. The American people, who, I’m sure, like the majority of us, sincerely want peace and hate war.

Not long ago I took part in a meeting of Afghan vets and American Vietnam vets. Among them was on American who had lost both his legs in Vietnam, to Soviet rockets. And he had come to this meeting, to help Afghan vets maimed in the Afghan war by teaching them to make prosthetic devices. What else is there to say?”

(From “Afghanistan: Soviet Vietnam” by Vladislav Tamarov)

From NavyTimes

* * *

Yale Slavic Chorus’ Spring Wine & Cheese Concert, 2011

8 thoughts on “We have to face the fact…

    • Otrazhenie says:

      Thanks. I liked this quote and story a lot. The whole book ‘Afghanistan: Soviet Vietnam’ is truly amazing, as it combines very thoughtful text bursting with insight, anger, and beauty with dramatic photographs from a disastrous war. It is amazing how Vladislav managed to take his camera with him everywhere there for two years: under the bullets, next to the mines, so close to death…

  1. Willy Nilly says:

    One of the ironies of conflict is how much your allies prophet by selling your enemy the tools to kill you with. One finds that more bitter than sworn enemies.

  2. That is the biggest problem with this world, while ever the politicians never have to face their decisions they will never care in those outcomes. You make them face a bullet like they force many others to and watch their decisions make an about face.
    There should be a law that all politicians must face each and every decision they make, only then will they be made from truth (or for them fear) and not greed.

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