A Prayer

( by Mikhail Lermontov, 1837
Translated by Anatoly Liberman )

( Photo by Bes Lukson )

Mother of God, I shall pray in humility,
Pray to Thine image in all its beatitude,
Not for amends or invulnerability,
Neither repenting my sins nor in gratitude;

Not for my soul, unprotected and shivering,
Barren of gladness, benumbed, and insensible,
But for a maid whom to you I am delivering –
Grant her defense in this world indefensible.

Grant her enjoyment and love and serenity,
Friends who are selfless, and worthy companionship,
Spring’s satisfaction and autumn’s amenity,
And for her graciousness give her Thy championship.

Early or late, at her moment of severance,
Think of this maid in Thy blessed maternity;
Let the devoutest of angels, with reverence,
Carry her soul to repose in eternity.


( Photo by Skela )


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