It is good for a man…

“It is good for a man to have nothing to do with a woman. But because of the desires of the flesh, let every man have his wife, and every woman her husband. Let the husband give to the wife what is right; and let the wife do the same to the husband. The wife has not power over her body, but the husband; and in the same way the husband has not power over his body, but the wife. Do not keep back from one another what is right, but only for a short time, and by agreement, so that you may give yourselves to prayer, and come together again; so that Satan may not get the better of you through your loss of self-control…”

( Bible in Basic English )

( Photo by -seven- )


4 thoughts on “It is good for a man…

  1. FreeBird says:

    Ok, this is wow but what exactly as I said in the most recent blog about desires. We are humans and we do get a tendency of asking for more. So does this mean that the “Good News or Bad” blogpost – hold true to this in this scenario. I am sure eating the same fruit for years is not what many like – I may be wrong but the reasoning is fair. Do you like to kill the feeling of exploring more or would in this case – Husband and wife want to call it the end of their human exploration for more. I guess I am not the bible but my own bible in this human birth 😉 .. lol

    • Otrazhenie says:

      You are raising very good questions. There have been a few attempts to answer them – unfortunately, in the past such “attempts” were often banned – as an example, check out the book “Married Love or Love in Marriage” written in 1918 (see excerpt at )

      Unlike fruit, people are changing and developing all the time. That gives plenty of opportunities for exploration and constant learning about each other over time. A good long-term relationship allows to go more ‘in-depth’ in that learning/exploration, than more ‘shallow’/’casual’ relationships would allow.

      Imagine a long-term special partner who already knows all your sexual preferences – all your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’; with whom you can feel ‘safe’ and ‘free’ to be yourself; with whom you can completely open up and disclose all your desires. Partner, interested in free exploration uninhibited by judgemental attitudes. Partner, who not only cares about his/her sexual satisfaction (which is lust), but cares about yours first, because you are very special for him/her (which is love).

      Would not it be more pleasurable to continue the exploratory journey with that special partner rather than starting at point 0 with new partners over and over again? 😉

      • FreeBird says:

        Of course it would be very pleasurable but the question is worth a thousand questions. Does your partner really want to accept you with your likes/dislikes(in this case lust) to be shared out of them. I don’t say that because it is not possible but I have seen lot more and more people realizing that they cannot accept their partners after a period of time and hence the social cause of separations(divorce/broken marriage/separation).

        We do see the bigger picture but I do get the part of acceptance too. I don’t think there are more than 35% of couples or partners who can open their minds to understand the need for physical desires after a particular stage of being together for x no. of years. Again, this is not just a literal fact but a very true and observed case over the years seen in friends and case of family members too.

        Hard but true reality is often not that acceptable unless the both person are truly open and understanding. 🙂

        Wish life was lot easier.

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